Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Laura's Big Haircut

 I've been waiting two years for this day...

The "before" picture
There are a few reasons why I let my hair grow out. After Macy was born spending money on my hair wasn't a big priority. I didn't have the extra money to spend because now we were buying diapers. I also didn't want to make someone watch Macy so I could get my hair cut.

Another reason is Jonathan always wanted me to have long hair. Since we've known each other the longest I've had my hair is shoulder length and it kept getting shorter and shorter. Once my hair grew past that awkward stage (you know what I mean if you've grown your hair out) I decided to continue to let it grow. I've made it that far so why not keep going? Part of me grew it out because of laziness another part was for Ja.

I was starting to get really tired my my hair. I wanted a change! In my prior hair life I would change something about my hair every few months. This was too long for me! I remembered my Aunt Martha would grow out her hair then cut it short to donate it. My hair isn't as pretty as her natural red, but I could still donate it and hopefully help someone in need. Out of curiosity I measured my hair one day; I almost had enough to donate. I gave my hair an extra two months and then I could donate the full 10 inches!

The "during" picture
10 inches of hair!
Final Product
Even though Locks of Love makes wigs for children, to me my hair donation was for my Aunt Karen. She battled cancer and had to wear a wig so this was my little way to help those that need wigs.

When I got home Macy wouldn't come near me for a few minutes and when she did she cried. She looked at me with her sad/scared face for awhile. I think she didn't know where her real mommy was. Eventually she let me hold her and wouldn't let go. While trying to take the above "final" picture she wouldn't look at the camera because she couldn't take her eyes off the hair on the table. All that day she would point to it and say "mommy." I feel like I've lost 10 pounds! I love my new hair cut. The hip new Laura is back!

Thank you Tiffany for watching Macy and to Becca for cutting my hair. I forgot to take a picture with Becca :(


Amy said...

I love it laura- short hair looks great on you! And, you are super skinny!!

Kelly said...

Super Cute laura! I always liked your hair short!

Lissa Nelson said...

LOVE the haircut--so, so cute!!

Bec and Dave said...

Hey Laura!! That's awesome, I love the post!! It was so so fun to cut your hair (besides that I caught your cold! haha) I'm so happy you trusted me to chop off ten inches, that proves you're a true, loving visiting teaching companion and I'll never forget it! See you on Sunday.

Team Jorgensen said...

I love your short hair! Short hair is awesome.