Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

First off, I made two batches of delicious crescent rolls, two batches of mashed potatoes (we only ate one so I've been using the leftovers for other meals), and brussels sprouts. Trevor made the most amazing tasting turkey I've ever had. Every bite was infused with pure yummy-ness. Oh, and all the rest of the food was amazing too. We ate really well on Thanksgiving this year.

 Macy enjoyed sitting at the "girl" table and enjoyed being fed a "choo-choo train" by Papa.

After dinner the toddlers were wiped out from all that bread they ate so they all got cozy by the TV and watched Charlie Brown's Christmas (for about 20 seconds).

Macy and caleb watching a video
 On Friday Macy was able to enjoy her first movie theatre experience. She went to see the Muppet movie with all her cousins. Ja said she really enjoyed the previews and sat at the edge of her seat. She sat still for about 20 minutes of the movie. The candy that Granny Dot gave her helped tremendously. She then had fun walking around the theatre and trying out all the seats. That's what kid matinee movies are for, right? Macy now calls Dorothy "Nanny Dot" but we aren't sure if she's saying Granny Dot or Candy Dot because she pronounces candy as nanny. Granny Dot does always seem to have candy on her to give to little children so I guess it fits.

I went shopping during all that candy and movie business. I had a great time too :)

Then, we made the decision to forgo nap time and went straight to Bobby's Burger Palace in DC. It's a Bobby Flay restaurant and has great burgers and shakes.

Macy and daddy sharing a milk shake
 THEN, it was off to the Newseum. We had been there before so we just let Macy walk around and go where ever she wanted. This was her favorite spot, the top floor of the museum over looking the street. She liked to look over and I could picture her starting to talk and some unfortunate soul below would get a binkie to the head. She must have thought of this too because she was really good about not dropping that binkie.

Trying the headphones for an exhibit
After all of that, Dee and I went shopping Friday night. We caught a few great deals I had missed earlier in the day so it was a great trip.

On Saturday my nephew Brigham was baptized so we had even more family time together.

It's going to be hard to live up to this Thanksgiving, food and company wise!

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