Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a great Christmas day! The day started right because the girls slept in until 8. We ate leftover cinnamon rolls for breakfast then started working on the mountain of presents under the tree. Macy would pick one out and hand it to whomever it belonged to. Anytime she got a present for herself she would take a break from opening and play with the toy. We opened presents for 3 hours because of this! This made the day longer and the magic of present opening lasted all morning! We had to take three breaks to pick up all the wrapping paper because it was taking over the living room.

We had the sister missionaries come over so they could Skype with their families. One used our computer and the other used the iPad. They had the day "off" and were allowed to watch a movie so they chose White Christmas. We hadn't watched it yet this year so we obliged. Both of them grew up watching that movie and knew it very well. I took them to another neighbor who wanted to hear the Christmas gram from the sisters. The neighbor enjoyed it very much and loved the songs and violin. She was very appreciative they would come on Christmas since she was alone. 

First picture of the morning.

Once Macy opened her rainbow wings from Stacie she had to wear her rainbow dress with them. 

Macy got a haircutting set from Santa. 
Here she is cutting my hair. I'm grateful those aren't real scissors!

Anna enjoying a cinnamon roll

Ja got a whole bunch of magic dvd's and books. He was very excited! He said it was like he was eleven years old again.

The girls got a 24-color pack of play-do with new play-do toys so naturally we had to break to play with them. 

Anna wanted to wear anything new she got. Here are her new black church shoes.

Macy got new nail polishes so we took a break for a manicure.

Technically this race car track is Anna's but we all love to play with it. It's a blue rubber track that can be suctioned to a window, table, etc so make different height tracks. It's a lot of fun.

I got Ja a karaoke machine and it was instantly a hit!

That night we had a delicious ham dinner at Greg and Holly's. The day didn't feel like Christmas to me until the very end. I've always been with my family for Christmas so it felt a little weird we weren't with them doing our usual Christmas activities. However, it was very nice to be in our own home and do our own new traditions. It turned out to be a very Merry Christmas after all! 

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