Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

We were really excited to have Christmas Eve in Virginia at our own house. It was also our first time celebrating with Greg, Holly, Heather, and Trevor.

Christmas Eve morning I felt like eating cinnamon rolls so I whipped up a batch. I forgot how long they take to make so they ended up being lunch cinnamon rolls but they were well worth the wait! They were so delicious my mouth is watering just typing about them. We delivered some to our neighbors so we wouldn't eat the entire pan ourselves. Macy loves taking things to our neighbors and dashed from door to door delivering the goodies.

Heather's family has a tradition of going out to eat at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Eve so we went out with them to House of Fortune in McLean.

 Then the whole family got together at Greg and Holly's house to make and decorate sugar cookies. Macy, Caleb, and Addison were really into this.

putting on the frosting and sprinkles

The finished product!

Anna played a few Christmas hymns for us. 

We headed home after the cookies and got the girls ready for bed.  The Elf had delivered Christmas jammies from Santa so they got to open a present early. That was very exciting!

We made sure and put the milk and cookies out for Santa and Macy said the reindeer needed 5 carrots. It was a great Christmas Eve!

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