Monday, December 23, 2013

Macy's 4th Birthday

I can't believe my little Macy is 4 years old! How can this be?!

Macy's day started by walking through paper chains. I wanted to do balloons but it was a Sunday night so we improvised. 

Elf held this sign: "Happy Birthday Macy! I hope you enjoy your birthday chain. ~Elf" Macy thought the Elf did the chain and was pretty happy about that. 

We made birthday pancakes- aka pancakes with whipped cream and pink sprinkles.

This was Macy's "face" of the day

I wasn't sure if I wanted to have another birthday party for Macy since we did it last year but I wanted to do something special so her birthday doesn't get overshadowed by Christmas. We decided on taking two of her friends to the Disney movie Frozen. We'd heard great things about the movie and it's Disney, has princesses, and singing. All the things little girls love. Macy was thrilled and I think she felt more grown up going to the movies with her friends.

We went to a matinee on her birthday which was a Monday. It was the first day of Christmas break so the movie was packed! We ended up having to sit in the handicap section so there was a big space in between Macy and I. She didn't seem to mind and I loved looking over and watching her expression during the movie. It almost made me cry seeing how enthralled she was and watching her feet kick to the beat of the music. I hope it's a memory I can always keep.

It was a rainy day but we made it to the movie with plenty of time. I brought the girls snacks to save on money and they were only slightly sad we weren't buying popcorn. 

Claire, Macy, and Izzy

I love how small they are in these huge chairs

I made Macy's favorite meal for dinner which is long spaghetti and meatballs. She always specifies long spaghetti. Then we had some friends over for cake, ice cream, and presents. So technically we still had a party for her but I didn't plan any games, party favors, etc.

Macy in her birthday crown from preschool and our neighbor Ian 

Singing happy birthday with Ian and Claire.

 We then opened presents which Macy loved of course. We have such great friends and family who love our Macy so much! Everyone is very generous!

My parents wanted to do Face Time with us so they could see Macy open their presents. This picture is Macy saying hello.

My mom gave Macy these magic wands that you can decorate so the kids made some. I was impressed with Macy that she was willing to share with her friends.

I love this content smile. Macy was proud of her wand and she was so happy her friends were with her. Macy LOVES her friends and I'm so happy she has great ones. I think Macy went to bed a happy girl that day. Now she's one year older and wiser too!

Happy Birthday Macy! We love you so much!

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