Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Everything has changed!

Not only are we in a house but we are in North Carolina! Almost every aspect of our lives has changed in the past week. 

We have space! We don't have to be in one room to play anymore! Ja has his own office with a door! (Anna misses seeing Ja whenever she wants because sometimes she knocks on his door just to say hi. I have to pry her out of Ja's arms in the morning.) Our house is so big that Macy gets tired of walking around it looking for things. Our guest room is completely empty, the dining room only has an electric keyboard, and the formal living room has a TV but no couches. We are loving all this space!

We have a yard! It is amazingly wonderful to simply open the back door and let the girls play outside. Our big patio is perfect for riding bikes, chalk drawing, and washing the bikes and concrete. The front yard had better grass right now so we have picnics out there. The girls love to play in the car that sits on the driveway. 

With our yard space we planted a small garden. Today we planted carrots, zucchini, and hopefully pumpkins soon. In our front yard we planted zinnia seeds. 

We have a garage! It's great to have all the outdoor things outside. It's great to open a door and walk straight into our car. No leaving the apartment and 10 minutes later getting to our car. When we get home from somewhere the girls can run right into the house. I can also easily load groceries into the house! I love it. 

We have a big kitchen! We don't have to bump into each other anymore while cooking. The kitchen is also open to the rest of the floor so I'm not tucked into a dark corner anymore while preparing dinner. I can be doing the dishes and watch the girls play in the backyard. It's a dream come true. 

Macy and Anna have their own rooms! I thought they would miss each other since they would play in the crib each morning but they seem to be all right. Anna can finally get the sleep she needs. She sleeps in longer than Macy so it's great she isn't being woken up. Probably the best thing of all is Macy has been taking naps since we've been here! She is much less cranky in the afternoon and evenings now. I love it!

The scenery is completely different than McLean. Huntersville is still in the rural category as far as I'm concerned. We drive down country roads lined with trees and the occasional house. There are many subdivisions around so I'm sure this area with grow in time but for now it's country! I love having the wide open fields. This town is also much different than how I grew up. Macy and Anna will have a different view on life than I did growing up. When we visit California they will wonder where all the trees went and why there are so many people. To get to a grocery store there is only one light. We are only 10 minutes away from 3 grocery stores and to get to two of them there is only one light. I love it. 

Both Ja and I walk around the house and say, "I love our house!" multiple times a day. I love everything about it and I love that it's ours! There is so much natural light coming through all the windows it makes for a very cheerful place and it makes me so happy to be here!

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Book Dragon said...

I'm thrilled for you! Miss you, yeah but I knew you weren't coming back to CA.