Sunday, June 1, 2014

3rd Annual Busch Gardens Trip

We went to Busch Gardens the weekend after memorial weekend this year. I was hoping for warmer weather so we could enjoy Water Country. That and we had only moved a few weeks before so I wasn't ready to go on another trip the weekend before memorial day weekend. It turned out our timing was great- still no crowds and great weather!

We drove up to McLean on Wednesday because Ja had a conference he wanted to attend on Thursday. The girls and I hung out with Marky in the morning then saw "old" friends (Claire and Izzy) for lunch at Cafe Rio. I had been craving Cafe Rio ever since we left Virginia. Macy had a blast with her friends. She still cries at night sometimes because she misses her friends :(

After Cafe Rio we stopped next door at the Pet store. The girls loved playing in the dog beds.

Macy loves her friends to much!

We drove down to Williamsburg Thursday afternoon and hit no traffic on the 95! Miracle! We met up with the Arrington's at a bounce house place they found. It was a warehouse type building full of different types of bounce houses and blow up obstacle courses. The kids LOVED it. Macy begged to go back the entire weekend. We probably could have spent an entire day here. Maybe we should make it part of our weekend tradition.

Busch Gardens was great again. We really love that amusement park. It's beautiful, clean, and the food is actually delicious and real food. Both girls loved riding the rides and we had no melt downs this year. Other than it drizzling for the morning time it turned out to be a great day weather-wise.

Macy went on the Grover roller coaster all by herself. Well, Grant was with her. She had her hands in the air the whole time. 

Anna had a really weird face while riding the Whirly Worm. I thought she was going to throw up but it ended up being a I'm-a-little-scared-and-I-don't-know-what's-going-on face.

Macy surprisingly did Elmo's Spire by herself too!

The girls loved riding together!

I don't have any pictures at Water Country. We were having way too much fun! The weather was perfect. Hot, sunny, 85 degrees. The kids loved the water rides. Even Anna could go on a few big kid rides. She didn't like them but she still went on them. In previous years we only spent a few hours at Water Country because it was so cold but we spent the entire day this year. Macy loved the raft rides and was asking to go again to the water park as soon as we got home. 

We had another successful weekend at Busch Gardens! Hopefully we can keep this tradition going. It's fun being traveling buddies with the Arrington's!

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