Saturday, June 14, 2014

Macy and Mommy weekend

Ja took Anna to Iowa with him to attend Darin's graduation. Macy and I seized the opportunity to go to Carowinds, the local amusement park. I'm glad we didn't have Anna because the day would have been impossible with both girls. Anna can't go on most the rides and Macy wanted me to be on them with her so we would've been stuck. They also have a water park there which Macy loved. We ended up running into Macy's new "best friend", Emily, and her family. Emily is 12 but Macy loves her.

Macy really wanted to get her face painted. I couldn't refuse her because she had been so good all day and we were having so much fun. She was very happy with the results and later said it was the prettiest face painting she has ever got. She loved the addition of glitter at the end.

We were invited to go to the lake with Emily's family Saturday night. Ja and Anna were supposed to be there with us but their flight was cancelled so they didn't get in until 9:30 that night :(

Although we missed Ja and Anna (at least I did), we still had a great time. Their neighborhood has access to the lake with a fire pit, and covered picnic tables. There is also canoe storage. It was a great night full of swimming in the warm lake water and roasting hotdogs over the fire. Macy and Emily played together the whole time. 

It was a beautiful night.

Macy loved being one of the big kids that night. She followed Emily around like a shadow. Emily is very kind to Macy and played with her all night.

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