Saturday, June 21, 2014

Macy's Drawings

One Sunday Macy noticed that our neighbors don't go to church. She asked why everyone else doesn't go to church too. I told her they haven't found the right one to go to yet. She apparently thought about this because the next day she told me we could teach our neighbors about Jesus. "We could go to their house and teach them!"

She drew two pictures to take with her while she teaches:

This is Jesus getting baptized. She drew the water, Jesus, John the Baptist, and the little face in the water is the Holy Ghost. She wrote the word baptism too. The green clouds finish up the sky.

 On the back side of the paper she drew Jesus dying on the cross.

These are other pictures she had in her sketch book. I thought they were good so I couldn't throw them away without taking a picture first. 

We practiced her numbers and letters one day while we played school. I would name a number or letter and she would write it.

I love her rainbows. I think they are creative and beautiful. 

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