Monday, June 16, 2014

My favorite part of the day

Lately Macy wants to read books together on our bed. I love listening to her "read." I'm amazed that she has so many books memorized. I also love Anna's little feet sticking out from under the book. 

In other news, Macy is getting more comfortable in the pool. Today she completely submerged her body underwater. This is a big deal since she has hated getting her face wet. She also didn't like water in her ears. She didn't mind those things at all today. She plugged her nose and went under, for 10 seconds at a time. She was so proud of herself. I was shocked and very proud too. She's only had one swim lesson this summer but it's paying off. That and we go to the pool almost every day. 

We got Ja a firepit for Fathers day yesterday. 

And after spending two hours today at the DMV I now have a North Carolina drivers liscense. The girls actually did a great job waiting, for the most part. There was a thrift store a few stores down which saved us. Anna did get her fingers stuck in the door jam though. I got really worried because they got swollen fast but they didn't break. She cried for a long time so I'm sure it hurt pretty bad. 

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