Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Macy the cow girl

A few months ago Macy saw a cow girl outfit at Barnes and Noble that she wanted me to buy for her. Christmas had come and gone just a few weeks earlier so there was no way I was going to buy it. I told her that she could save up her money and buy it. To my surprise she agreed to save her money. 

In order to save money she had to make money so we started paying her a quarter for each chore she did. Sometimes she did her chores very willingly and was excited to get her quarter. Other times she did her chores but refused her quarter. (She did this out of embarrassment because we were praising her. She doesn't like getting praise.) I still put the quarter in her bag of money. Then other times I would have to bribe her with a quarter and remind her about the cow girl outfit in order for her to get the chores done. Sometimes she would do something completely on her own without me saying anything so I would reward her with a quarter. 

I wanted her to get the outfit before we moved so we counted her money today and it came to be $24! (Granted $10 was from grandparents, but still!) I knew I would have to help pay for the outfit but I only had to pay $5. We had a mommy daughter date at the mall. We bought her outfit then walked to the Apple store. She loves to play on the iPads. Then we walked to pottery barn kids. They had some really cute dolls there she liked. She was anxious to wear her new cow girl outfit so we went home. 

In the car she asked, "can we buy that doll in the store we saw?" I told her she can save her money again for the doll. She protested and did not like that answer. I explained to her that we have to save our money to buy things we really want. I told her how daddy and I had to save our money for a very long time so we could buy our new house. We were always mentioning to her how we were trying to save for a backyard. Then Macy understood and said she would save her money for a doll and a bunk bed for her doll. 

I was so glad I was able to teach her the lesson of the importance of saving money. I'm very grateful I can stay home with my kids so I can be there whenever an opportunity comes up to teach my daughters. 

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