Saturday, April 5, 2014

My little helper

Anna loves to help and do whatever I or Macy are doing. This time she watched me packed up our picture frames and wanted to help. She noticed how I put the blue tape on the glass of the frames and asked for some tape. This kept her busy for 20 minutes. She would put the tape on, remove it, place it somewhere else, crumple it up, ask for more, then start the process over. I took so many pictures of her because I loved watching her concentration while doing this task.

 She was determined to get the tape on there herself.

 I just love that sweet little face so much!

Then she found the bubble wrap and spend a few more minutes wrapping the frame a few times. 

Anna was kind enough to put the frame in the box!
 Good job Anna! Thank you!

Anna loves to clean- especially with a rag. If she sees me cleaning with any sort of rag she has to have one of her own. One morning I was cleaning out the microwave so she wanted to help to. She is so adorable when cleaning because she will put her face really close to the object and give it a very concentrated look and meticulous cleaning. I love watching her facial expressions. I'm sure in her mind she is doing a great job. I love having her clean with me.

Before cleaning the microwave she "helped" me by taking out all the kid dishes from the cupboard.

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