Thursday, April 3, 2014


Lately I've been rushing around all day trying to get things in order for our move. I've been cutting play time with the girls short or avoiding it so I can get something done. When I realized what I've been doing I felt bad for the loss of the last few weeks with my girls. Despite the hectic day to day activities I need to spend time just "being" with my girls. Macy and Anna shouldn't just be in the car with me or at the store with me. I should be playing with them more. 

Today I decided to spend more time playing and having fun with them. We went to the library this morning which turned out well. Usually Anna screams or pulls books off the shelves but she didn't today. They both found books then sat down at the table to read them. Macy read aloud to Anna. As we walked out to the car Macy found dandelions and picked a handful while Anna jumped off a tree stump. Macy told me she wants to grow dandelions in her new backyard.

After preschool, I took the girls to Clemyjontri Park (Macy now calls it the colorful park). We played and had a fun time. My favorite part was Macy running around trying to hide from me and I had to find her. When I "found" her (I could usually see her the whole time) I would point and say, "found you!" Then she would laugh and run in another direction. Anna followed around and would call out for Macy.

Fun times on the swing

At home, I normally would have told the girls to play on their own so I can make dinner. Tonight I decided to play with them instead and wait until Ja was done working to cook. We got out the Easter eggs yesterday so Macy and I had an Easter egg hunt. Then she pretended to be a pet chicken and laid some eggs. Then she was a puppy. She has a loud bark! We ate a later dinner than normal but everything still turned out fine.

My day was much more enjoyable today! I'm glad I took the time to enjoy my adorable girls whom I love so much. They won't be this age for long and I want to cherish every minute. Sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the day. I'm always glad when I do. 

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