Saturday, April 5, 2014

Macy the teenager

Macy begged for weeks to have her friends Claire, Izzy, and Valentine over for a play date. I wanted to be sure we did it before moving so fortunately all the girls could come last week. I thought having four little girls might be catastrophic but they did extremely well. There was no fighting over things which is what I expected. Thankfully it was our first warm spring day so we spent some time outside playing too. I loved having Macy's friends over to play. Having so many of them together brought thoughts into my mind of Macy as a teenager having her friends over to our house. Hopefully her friends will be as good as these girls :)

We started off my coloring with the books and crayons Valentine brought over. We turned on the soundtrack to Frozen and they all sang as they colored.

We spent time blowing bubbles and coloring with chalk. Then the girls moved on to the playground and played tag with each other.

 After snack time outside the girls asked if they could watch Frozen. I usually don't like watching movies when friends are over but I figured this was a socializing activity because I knew they would be talking and singing throughout the movie. I'm so glad I let them watch it because it was so funny. I  also made some popcorn for the four little teenagers. They took turns saying, "Shh! No talking." Then that some girl would start copying the movie or singing. Then another girl would say, "No talking! No singing!" It only lasted for the first part of the movie.

Valentine played with Macy's hair during the movie. So cute!

After Valentine went home I raced to get Izzy, Claire, and Macy to ballet. We were only a few minutes late which was a win for me! Macy cried half the ride over to ballet because she wanted to sit in the back with Izzy and Claire. She couldn't because we only have two seats in the back. She told me very adamantly that we need to buy a mini van! I know Macy, I know.

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