Thursday, August 14, 2014

A teaching moment

Macy and I had a discussion today that made me grateful, once again, that I'm a stay at home mom. 

We were driving past a cemetery (there are quite a few around us so we've talked before about people being buried there) and she asked, "how long are our bodies in the ground until Jesus comes again?" Some little girl must be listening in Primary!

I explained that we don't know. Only Heavenly Father and Jesus know when Jesus when come to the Earth agian. After He comes we will go to heaven. 

Then she asked, "what do we have to do to go to heaven?" She is such a thinker!

I explained we have to be righteous and follow Gods commandments. I listed a few of them like love others, go to the temple, go to church. I asked her what she thought and all I got was silence. I was so grateful for those few minutes of meaningful discussion! If I wasn't there she couldn't have asked me and the teaching moment would have been lost. I'm very proud of my smart and observant little girl!! She's starting to not be so little anymore :)

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