Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Anna turned 2!

Happy Birthday Anna!
I can't believe my little Anna is growing up so fast! Where has the time gone?!

We had a simple birthday for her. She seemed to know it was her birthday because she was extra good and sweet today. Or maybe I paid closer attention to her since it was her special day. Today made me love this sweet girl even more!

I went visiting teaching in the morning so I decided to have a special birthday lunch at McDonald's for Anna. We never stop for lunch so it was a special treat. Anna was very excited and stood up on the bench and sang everyone a song.

I tried to get Anna to say birthday or cheese but these are the faces I got. Silly girl.

Macy was excited about her happy meal too.

After Anna's nap she watched Frozen, her favorite. She didn't want to sit down but wanted to be right up in the action. I love watching her face as she watches the movie. She is so enthralled and looks joyful.

I made Anna a simple cake but it was delicious! I followed a tip to make a box cake taste like a bakery cake: add milk instead of water, use butter instead of oil, and add 1 tsp vanilla.

Macy took a picture of the birthday banner.

This was Anna dancing as we sang her Happy Birthday. All day she was telling me about blowing out the candles by saying, "Birthday" then pretending to blow out the candles. But when the real time came she wouldn't blow it out!

I tried getting her to smile with her cake but that didn't happen. (Yes her shirt is too big. Yes it is Macy's shirt.) We had the Elder's over and our neighbor Parker to help us eat cake.

After cake and ice cream we put together her wagon which was a present from Granny Dot.

I was about to put the girls in the bath when Macy reminded me about Anna's present's from us. Ja was at a meeting so I tried talking Macy into waiting until Ja could be there but she said, "No, Anna wants to open then now." Macy helped open the first present...

Which was a doll stroller! Anna loved it instantly and walked around frantically trying to find a baby to put inside. We had to convince her to come back and open the next present...

because we knew it was a baby doll! Anna immediately tried to rip the baby from the box.

I think she would have been more thrilled with this Frozen book if she had opened it first but it was second class to the baby and the stroller. She glanced at it then moved on.

Anna immediately put her presents to good use. She was so cute carefully putting her baby in the stroller.

And she made sure her baby had her bottle. 

I couldn't get a good shot of her because she wouldn't sit still long enough for a picture. 

I think this cute smile shows how happy she is with her birthday presents!

Anna took her baby in the bathtub with her after this!

Today the girls both took their babies and strollers for a walk around the neighborhood. My two little mommies! They also took them with us to Anna's doctor's appointment. They walked into the office with their babies swaddled in blankets carrying them very still because the babies were sleeping. 

Anna is still on the peanut side. She is 21 lbs (1st percentile), 33.5" (51st percentile), and head circumference is 17" (0%). She is healthy overall but we found out she does not like the doctor! She screamed on the top of her lungs as the doctor was checking her out. She also screamed when I had to take her shoes off to weigh her. She was crying out for her shoes and wanted them back on as soon as she got off the scale. The doctor said, "She may be little but she is feisty!" That's my Anna and I wouldn't have her any other way! I love her to death! 

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Chelsey said...

Happy birthday Anna! Sounds like a fun day, and what's better than your own baby and a brand new stroller? Even as a 30 yr old mom, I still love those things!