Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Macy's first day of Pre-k!!

Macy told me last night, " mom I'm so excited to go to school with real teachers, not moms." I guess she remembers doing the preschool co-op with friends two years ago!

She was thrilled to go and woke up nice and early this morning. She walked right into class without any hesitation. I knew she would be fine because she loves school. And she did a week of summer camp with her teachers at the preschool this summer so she was familiar with them. She will be attending Meadowlake Preschool at Meadowlake Presbyterian church. It's Monday through Thursday 9 am- noon. 

Anna asked about Macy all morning. She asked, " Macy back? Macy home?" Multiple times. I think she missed her big sister! 

I told Macy to wear her backpack but she said she wanted it in front. She is so grown up it's killing me! I'm glad I have another year of her being home most of the day before kindergarten starts!

I love these two girls so much! Anna wanted to be in the picture and is showing off her keys. Here's to a great school year Macy!

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Ja said...

She keeps turning the alarm on the Honda with those keys. I've opened it up and had the alarm go off twice now.