Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The past few days

Things have slowed down since school started last week. The weather cooled down this week so we've actually been able to play outside. Our neighbor have us a swing set on Saturday so it's been fun playing in the backyard again. Today we blew bubbles which we haven't really done since May because it had been too hot.

I wanted to document a couple of things we've done in the last two days. Nothing exciting but I enjoyed the activities.

Yesterday I needed to cut the girls nails. Neither of them like this so I decided to bring out the nail polish to try and help things. I said before we paint we have to cut. I started with Anna but she was not on board. Macy stepped in and said, "Look Anna. I'm not crying." I then cut her nails quickly and easily. Anna then got her nails cut, not happily, but she wasn't  crying. Macy still refused to have her toenails cut so I'll have to deal with crying sooner or later.

Both girls wanted to paint their own nails. Anna let me paint her nails blue first then wanted to paint another color on top. As you can imagine, they looked, umm, fabulous!

This was such a simple activity but the girls were so excited to paint their own nails. They ran upstairs super excited to show daddy their work.

Today we played with play-do. We haven't done this since Spring. Both girls played for a long time and did really well. And the best part of all was they both helped clean up. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get Macy to clean up. Anna is usually pretty helpful (knock on wood).

I sure love my girls!

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Ja said...

Macy's toes are the best. And Anna is concentrating so hard in all of these photos - when the concentration is matched with skills, I'm sure she'll accomplish amazing things.