Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Macy on two wheels!

Its official! Macy can ride her bike with no training wheels all by herself! Now she can start by herself, ride fast, and break all by herself. She's very good at steering too. I love her determined face!

Two days ago we went to the pool parking lot with our neighbor Austin. Both kids were riding around in circles and going quite fast. I was really impressed with Macy since she used to be scared about going fast. Ja tried to get pictures of them but most were blurry because they wouldn't slow down!

The next night Ja took her out and she took a turn too sharp and fell off her bike. She cried but she got back on her bike and rode some more. This is huge for Macy. Usually when something gets hard for her or she gets hurt she gives up. Macy was very determined to ride her bike!

A few weeks ago Ja was out with Macy riding on the tennis courts. She had a couple of setbacks (riding into the net, having a hard time starting) and announced she was done riding. He pulled out a video he took of her riding really well. That was all the motivation she needed. She got back on her bike and rode some more. Way to go Macy!

 Anna joins the big kids by watching them. Tonight she decided to "climb" this pole. She loves trying!

 Macy actually did climb the pole and made it off the ground.

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