Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Funny things Macy said today

We drove past some cows in the field today and Macy said:

"Mom, I want to know what a cow looks like inside. I want a cow for Christmas. A dead one so I can cut it up to see inside. No, a horse. A live one so I can ride it. Tell that to Santa."

She was asking Siri questions on Ja's phone. She asked her favorite color, who her best friend is, and her favorite animal. Siri said she doesn't like talking about herself to each question. Ja asked Macy to ask Siri another question so we can get to know Siri better. Macy responded, "She doesn't like to talk about her herself!" So she asked Siri where the closest playground is. 

Anna is very much into independence and tells me often she will do something herself by saying "myself." 

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Ja said...

Talking to Siri was so funny. "I want to talk to that lady on the phone."