Thursday, August 14, 2014

Outer Banks June 29-July 6, 2014

We had a wonderful time at the Outer Banks with all of the DeVore's. Macy played so much with her cousins and Aunt Rachel that I felt like I hardly saw her all week. She even slept in a different room than us with Addison and Lily. She was having a blast with all her cousin time. Anna was great too. She goes with the flow and loves to be around big kids. 

Here are some pictures from our week (not in order):

 This was the first picture taken at the beach. The girls had just hopped out of the car and Ja took them to the beach. I love how it shows Macy's happy anticipation to see the water and Anna's confusion of what her toes are touching. I think the sky and water are beautiful colors as well.

After the beach they checked out the swing.

The water was warm the first few days and the kids and Ja did a lot of boogie boarding. This was good timing because after the hurricane no one was allowed in the ocean due to strong riptides.

We went mini golfing with Heather and Trevor's family. I knew Anna would be the cutest little golfer and she didn't disappoint. She carried the club around until hole 9.

We were told by someone in our ward to visit Duck Donuts. I am so glad we did! Absolutely the best donuts I've ever had. They are cake donuts but are still airy and oh so delicious. It's probably a good thing they are 6 hours away otherwise I'd eat there way too often. I'm craving them just typing this.

A hurricane was coming through the Outer Banks while we were there. A police officer came and said they were evacuating the houses right along the beach. We got this news as I was taking my second wonderful bite of crab leg. I wasn't sad about evacuating but having to leave my crab legs was the worst part. The whole family packed everything up and drove 1 1/2 hours north to Norfolk, VA. The funny thing was we didn't see any rain. It only rained in the middle of the night and was beautiful and sunny the next day. We stayed at a hotel there then drove back to the beach the next morning. This was the extent of the damage: broken pool rules.

We threw the patio furniture into the pool so it wouldn't get blown away in the hurricane. We were the first people back at the house and Macy was all set to clean the pool out with her giant pole. There was a lot of sand in the pool as well so apparently the storm got pretty bad since the sand had to come up over to the big banks separating the house from the beach.

Marks face. Priceless. And the girls are super adorable.

Holly did a pirate scavenger hunt for the kids and decked them out with mustaches and bandanas. I loved that Anna wanted a mustache just like the big kids and she held really still while Holly drew it.

digging for the treasure

Anna's pirate booty!

Greg was the self-appointed photographer for our trip and tried to get a picture with each grandchild and Papa. This was the best Macy would do. 

But if Greg wanted just her in the picture then she would pose and look adorable.

Hanging out in the hot tub

I was having fun taking some pictures of the beach from our house and deck. I really liked this one.

Ja did a magic show for the kids. He looks like he's about to pull his hair out but it's all part of the act. The kids loved it and the adults too :)

Even though Macy has seen the tricks before she still gives a great reaction.

Addison had the girls put on a "show." It included some original songs by Addison which made it hard for Lily and Macy to sing along but the songs were choreographed which made up for it.

The whole family came out to watch the show. 

Some of the family when on the go carts. Ja said Macy was still a little terrified and was holding on very tight to his arm.

Macy loved holding baby Max. She did a great job too! Anna also liked to hold him but I don't think I got a picture of that. 

 I brought some sparklers since we celebrated 4th of July while at the beach. Macy was very scared of getting burned but she eventually held it by herself. We watched the big fireworks show on July 5th because the hurricane was on the 4th.

We look forward to doing this again!

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