Thursday, October 16, 2014

Anna makes us laugh

Anna is clever and already knows how to make us laugh with the things she says. One thing she's been saying lately is "Don't want it _____." For example, "Don't want it milk" or "Anna don't want it shoes." I think it's so cute she says it that way instead of "I don't want shoes"- or even "Don't want shoes."

She continues to say, "No, self!" when I ask to help her with something. She is an independent girl.

One thing she said last night had both Ja and I laughing. It was bedtime and I was trying to get the girls to come to the bathroom to brush out their wet hair and brush their teeth (something they really don't like doing). I decided to walk into Macy's room, look at my pretend paper, and ask, "Is there a Macy here?" Macy thought that was funny and she happily ran into the bathroom. That was the easiest time I've ever had getting Macy ready for bed.

I went back into the room and asked, "Is there an Anna here?" Anna was busy playing with a toy but quickly answered "No." I laughed and said, "then what is your name?" to which she quickly replied, "Kate." She was very confident about her answer and did not hesitate at all with choosing a name.

I'm not sure why this is so funny to me. She's only 2 and she already pretends to be someone else. Macy does this too sometimes but I love that Anna has caught on.

Anna makes me laugh every day with her funny sayings and by how happy she is. She runs everywhere, or if not runs then leaps. Today in the backyard she stood on top of a little table and belted out "Let it Go" complete with arms outstretched and her eyes closed. All that came out was "let it go" and "anymore" but it was still the cutest version of the song I've ever heard. When I asked if I can take a picture she replied, "No want it picture!"

I can't imagine life without my little Anna! I feel like she's always been with us. It's been a lot of fun spending my mornings with her while Macy is at school. She is such a doll and does very well at the grocery store!
Anna showing me what she wants for Christmas

Anna after eating a kit kat bar.

I asked Anna to say cheese and got this.

Anna sweetly lines her shoes up against the wall when she takes them off.

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