Monday, October 13, 2014

Red Wolf Farm

Saturday we ventured out to Red Wolf Farm out in Maiden, NC. We had a really great time! It wasn't crowded to us (the ticket lady said it was). If it were in VA it would've been swarming with people. There was so much to do there: wagon ride, pick pumpkins, obstacle course, huge slide, corn maze, corn bins, wooden playsets to climb on, tubes to run through, animals, horse rides, wagon rides, vendor with food, and other craft vendors. 

We took the wagon ride from the entrance to the big slide. Macy was excited to ride it but kinda fell towards the end of her ride so she wasn't enthusiastic about riding it agian. She eventually did and Anna rode on Ja's lap a few times. It was great not having a line! You could ride it as many times as you'd like. 

From there we went to the John Deere tractor race track. It was a great idea but most of the tractors were broken and wouldn't pedal. 

Anna was upset hers didn't have pedals. Not that he could reach them anyways. 

Macy eventually found one that works. 

Then the girls climbed on the wooden pirate ship. Anna did laps of going up the ramp and down the slide. 

Macy spotted the big tube to walk through. 

The girls loves the inflatable obstacle course. Ja had to do it a few times with Anna but she eventually went through it all by herself. Macy kept a very watchful eye on Anna to make sure she was safe. 

Macy is a pro at these things. I was impressed Anna could do it all by herself. 

By this point Macy was begging to ride the horses. She loves horse rides. Anna said she wanted to ride too so we tried putting them both on the same horse. When Ja lifted Anna up she grabbed onto his arms and lifted up her legs to make it impossible to sit her down. Wasn't going to happen. Macy was thrilled to ride Buttercup. She had a smile the whole ride. 

After Macy got off her horse Anna spotted a horse tied to a tree. It was a little smaller than Buttercup. She pointed to it and said, "Anna's horse." It was like she was trying to say, "I would ride that horse. That's mine. Not this big white one."

We hopped on the wagon ride again to take us up the hill to finish the activities. Farmhall tractors pulled the wagon. We thought of grandma and grandpa Winder. When the engine started up Ja said the smell of it brought back so many memories of being at his grandparents farm.

Loving the ride!

The corn bin was a definite favorite. We went back to these a couple of times. They had 4 giant tubs full of dried corn kernels. Macy has been in this type of thing before but I hadn't so I was anxious to jump in. It was a lot of fun! The corn was cool and combined with the weight of it the experience was almost therapeutic. I can see why the kids love it. It's fun to run it through your fingers. 

And fun to throw it around. Anna had some stuck in her diaper.

Ja captured this great shot of me and Anna in the corn tub. She was loving it!

It's funny when you step into the corn your feet sink down. I'm not sure how Anna walked with it up to her knees!

Macy was making corn angels but wouldn't let us get a picture of it.

I was able to convince Ja into the corn tub and he loved it too. He said we should buy one. When we saw the $300 price tag on the bin we changed our mind. We'll just have to visit Red Wolf Farm every year instead.

After enjoying some time in the corn we decided to pick out pumpkins. As soon as we got our shoes back on it started to rain. We huddled under a tree for a few minutes but it started to rain harder. It was such a shame because we had a perfect spot in the corn bin which was covered! We seriously left one minute too early. The tree wasn't keeping us dry so we decided to walk to the car and go home. Then it started to down pour. It was hard to see where I was going because the rain was getting into my eyes. All four of us were complexly drenched! It was like we jumped into the pool with our clothes on. Walking in jeans that are drenched is a weird feeling.

Luckily, I brought jackets for me and the girls that we had left in the car. The girls stripped down to their underwear and diaper then put on their jackets for the ride home. We were extra lucky because Macy had for some unknown reason put a towel in the car. At least the girls could dry off and warm up with their jackets. Ja took off his shirt for the ride home.  It was quite the adventure!

We had a great time at the farm and made it very memorable by walking to the car (which was a long ways from the corn) in the pouring rain. Macy said she liked this place very much and wants to make it a tradition to go every year. Just not the rain part, neither girl liked that.

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