Monday, October 13, 2014

Pinterest Fail

I've been trying to come up with activities to do with the girls so they don't watch Netflix so much. The two projects we've done lately I got from Pinterest and neither has worked out.

The first was some bath crayons. Macy and I shredded a bar of soap, mixed it with water, and added food coloring to give them colors. First off, Macy couldn't shred the soap so she lost interest quickly. Second, the soap and water was hard to mix so she didn't want to do that either. Third, when we tried them in the bath tub they didn't work. They hardly made a mark so the girls didn't like playing with them. Pinterest fail.

The second activity was supposed to be shaving cream dough. The lady called it cloud dough. I call it crumble dough. Supposedly all you do is mix shaving cream and corn starch together to make a "dough." No measurements were given so I guessed. Not enough corn starch and it was too wet, too much and it crumbled into tiny little pieces. It was fun to play with for a few minutes. Macy lost interest again after only 5 minutes (I'm seeing a pattern here) but Anna played with it for longer. It sure felt cool in your hands. It was wet but dry at the same time, weird I know, but somehow it was.

Anna loved it but made a huge mess! Her favorite was clapping her hands once they were covered in the goop. That shot little pieces all over the room. It was tricky to clean up because it was wet so I couldn't sweep it and I was afraid to vacuum it up. I ended up using a rag to wash it down which wasn't too bad since it was shaving cream. It did leave a residue over the table, chairs, and floor which took a few cleanings to get rid of. Cleaning the floor on all fours is not something a pregnant lady wants to do.

I stuck Anna in the bath to get her cleaned up.

At least we made a memory together. Probably one that only I will remember.

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Book Dragon said...

I want to play with cloud dough!