Sunday, November 16, 2014

Anna loves Nursery

It took Anna a good 7 months before she started to go into nursery without crying.

At first she wouldn't go into the room unless Ja or I was holding her. We would have to stay for the whole time or she would scream and cry.

Then one of us would stay for the second hour of church with her. Once I got my calling in Young Women's I had to leave to teach my lessons. I would leave Anna screaming in the arms of her nursery leader.

Then I would only stay for 10-15 minutes. She would still cry when I'd try and sneak out. Luckily the crying didn't last too long because they never had to bring her out to us.

One Tuesday morning I had a doctor's appointment and her nursery leader (Diana Palmer) watched Anna for me at her home. Anna was a little hesitant to stay but then Elmo came on and Anna didn't mind that I left.

That next Sunday Anna was a new child. She walked into nursery a happy girl and didn't cry. I was amazed and almost didn't know what to do. I think having Diana babysit Anna was the key.

Diana is such a great nursery leader. Anna really likes her and gets excited when we see her before church or during sacrament meeting. Diana has been a huge help in getting Anna accustomed to nursery. They have a ritual now of taking their shoes off which Anna really enjoys and that helps her be happy too. They blow bubbles in class and get to take home a balloon most Sundays.

Today we were told that another little girl was crying for her mommy. Anna walked up to the girl and said, "Mommy class. Mommy class." Anna was assuring her that her mommy was in class and would be back soon. I love that so much. Anna probably remembers what it was like to miss her mommy and she's showing empathy towards a friend.

Now when Anna leaves nursery she gives Diana a kiss on the cheek and says good-bye. It's so sweet!

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