Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sealife Aquarium

On Tuesdays the Sealife Aquarium in concord mills mall has toddler free days and adults are half off. I was going to take the girls to the park but Amber Campbell called me about something and told me about the aquarium. I changed our plans so we picked Macy up from preschool then were off to the aquarium.

I was anticipating it to be busy since it was a "free" day but it wasn't. I love living in a place that isn't so crowded like DC. 

We had a great time. All the kids had fun looking at the fish. Charlie was very cute with Anna and made sure she saw everything.

There's a little area to touch starfish and sea urchins but all of the kids were too scared to touch them!

Macy and Claire 

The best group shot we could get
At the end there is a place for kids to climb and tables to color pictures. My kids enjoyed this as much as the fish. 

Of course they make you walk through a gift shop before exiting. This was the worst part of the trip because Macy wanted to buy stuff and I said no. If we go again we'll run through the gift shop so we can hopefully avoid meltdowns. 

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