Saturday, February 28, 2015

Email to Tiffany


I was reading your blog (you have so much documented!) and you mentioned exercising during the day while the kids play. I thought I had to exercise at night when everyone was asleep but it just wasn't happening. Between Macy going to bed at nine then feeding Owen I'm too tired at night. So I thought if Tiffany can do it then so can I! This week I exercised three times with the kids. Twice I did the bike trainer and Macy watched the YouTube video with me and was my cute motivating trainer (you're almost done mom! Take a sip of water! Go faster!) The third time we all did a Tony Horton YouTube video together. After I was done Macy wanted to do a kid exercise video so we did even more. 

I wanted to thank you for the motivation! I hope the kids let me continue this because it's much easier than doing it at night!


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(Macy showered with me too a couple of days while Anna played in the bath)

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