Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Owen's two month appointment

We had another successful doctors appointment for Owen. Here are his two month stats:

11 lbs 5 oz (18th percentile)

23 inches long (36th percentile)

41 cm head circumference (91st percentile)

The doctor said him only pooping once a week is fine. Since he's exclusively breast fed it's not a problem. I just need to make sure it stays the right color. 

Owen had to get 5 vaccines- one oral and two shots. He drank the oral one like a champ. The first shot made him cry only a few seconds. The second shot wasn't so good. He really screamed and didn't settle down for awhile. He slept most of the day but when he wasn't sleeping he cried a lot. I felt so bad for my little guy. He never cries so it was hard to see him so upset. 

Owen is smiling more and makes noises like he's talking. He is stil adored by his sisters. Thankfully they don't fight over him as much. 

In the last week he has been sleeping 5 or 6 hours at night. That has been great!

Another good thing is Owen has gotten much better at nursing and I don't have to pump anymore if I don't want. This had also made the nights better because he eats faster and is done in 25 minutes rather than an hour. Progress!

Ladies at church love holding Owen. They say he's like a doll with his perfect face and size. He's easy to hold too since he's not fussy and loves to be held.

So far his eyes are still blue just like daddy's!

I sure love my baby Owen! 

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