Thursday, February 26, 2015

Macy's 5th birthday party

Macy wanted to invite her preschool class over for a birthday party. We decided to have it on January 10th. That way all the Christmas celebrations are over and I knew I would have the baby by then. It turned out to be a perfect day. Dorothy was visiting to help with Owen and was so helpful during the party.

It was no surprise Macy wanted a Frozen themed party. I went to party city and got an Elsa piñata (at Macy's request) and pin the nose on Oalf.

All the kids were so well behaved. The party ran so smoothly. I think it went so well because all the kids knew each other from preschool. No one was shy or no one tried to be in charge. They are used to following teachers directions together and did so at the party too. Originally I felt bad Macy didn't want to invite neighbors or church friends but after seeing how well the party ran I was glad for Macy's wisdom. I've never seen such a well behaved group of kids at a party. They were also great at including Anna. She thought she was a big kid too. 

I was pretty proud of the cake I made. I couldn't believe the candy "ice" turned out so well. I had a fun time making it and Macy's loved it. 

Piñata time

Pin the nose on Oalf. 

The kids loved spinning Ja around for the game. 

Ja had the kids freeze dancing. They loved it. 

Make a wish!

Macy got a ton of Frozen things. When I mentioned this she said her friends know she likes Frozen because of her Frozen stickers on her school folder. 

Here's the whole group. From the left: Megan, Allie, Gregory, Macy, Caroline, hank, cami, kaylee. 

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