Friday, August 21, 2009

Car-go Auto Transport

Ja wanted me to write about our car shipping story in case anyone reading needs to ship a car and wants to know the details.

I did an online search for car shippers and found the company Car-go Auto Shippers. I paid the mother company who was very helpful and I had good communication with them. I choose the dates the car could be picked up and waited to hear from the driver picking up my car. A local Glendale company called and said the driver would pick up the car Saturday night. So I waited by the phone all Saturday night, Sunday morning and afternoon, with no call until 6 p.m. Sunday night. The driver (who was hard to understand) wanted to pick up the car Monday morning. I don't think Saturday was even an option for him. Since he couldn't drive up Angeles Crest someone had to help me drop off the car down the hill. The guy picked it up and I hoped it wasn't a scam and that I would see my car again one day. The driver said it should take about a week. I wasn't expecting much since he was supposed to pick up the car Saturday night.

I called the mother company and told them I was told the car would be picked up Saturday and it wasn't until Monday. The once helpful company said "Well we do give a 3 day window for the car to be picked up." Yeah, I understand that but why did they tell me Saturday then?! It was a definite day. She wasn't very nice about it. I was really stressed for those two days that someone stole my money. The lady said it could take 7-14 days for us to get the car again.

Then only 5 days later I get a phone call from the Glendale company saying my car would be delivered. I swear the guy asked, "Am I the winner?" when I answered the phone. I could hardly understand a word he said he had such a strong accent. He said he would call when he was closer to our house, which would be around 1:15 p.m. It's now 3:30 and he hasn't called so Ja and I left to run errands because I figured he wouldn't come for another day like the last guy. As soon as we get to our errand location I get the phone call. He can't make it to our street because the trees and power lines are too low. So after making him spell the street names where he is (because I honestly couldn't understand what he was saying) Ja and I go pick up the car. Thankfully it was pretty close to our house. The car was fine and everything we had in the trunk was still there.

So, all in all, when they say they'll pick up the car it doesn't mean it's really going to be picked up and dropped off at your house because the roads or trees might not be good for big trucks. Communication might not be the best either. But at least our car arrived earlier than expected and in good shape!


Chelsey said...

Sounds really frustrating!!! I can't believe how rude they were to you when they were two days late picking up your car. I'm glad you got your cool new car back.

Heather said...

I had A LOT of catching up to do. First of all, welcome to the East Coast. Moving all-in-all is a pain, at least in my opinion. It's so nice though when you finally get to your new place and start to feel settled. I didn't know you were PREGNANT! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I don't think I read anywhere whether or not you know if it's a boy or a girl. Do you know yet? Or are you going to find out? Are you working in Virginia or keeping yourself busy getting everything settled? Sorry I was so behind on the times. Congrats again. I'll tell Colby when he gets home tonight.