Thursday, August 27, 2009

My baby shower

My homeward was nice enough to throw me a baby shower before I moved. They figured I may not get one in Virginia since I'll be so new. Of course I got tons of cute pink girly outfits! I also got a lot of books. Multiple people told me that was good because books are expensive.
My sister-in-law won cutest home-made gifts. She made these cute burp cloths, hooter hider, and shirts, and pacifier holders!

Here are some of the other cute gifts our little girl got. Everything was cute, but I didn't want to bore you with so many pictures.

This is the family picture of everyone at the shower. It's so nice to have family close enough they could come.
Here is everyone else. We had a great time visiting, thanks to all who came!

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Amy said...

I noticed the 'M' on the you already have a name picked out? The books were a great idea--they are so expensive to buy all at once. Gorgeous girly things...I bet you can't wait!
Can you email me your new address?