Thursday, December 10, 2009

My First Turkey

This year for Thanksgiving I volunteered to cook a turkey for dinner. I only did this because I knew there would be other turkeys coming, I didn't want my first attempt to be the only turkey on Thanksgiving! What if I didn't cook it right and we had a frozen turkey?

Other than taking the neck and giblets out (which was pretty gross. I was glad I wasn't in the early stages of pregnancy, I probably would have thrown up.) cooking a turkey isn't all that bad. I brushed some olive oil on the bird then rubbed spices on it. The hardest part of moving the bird from the pan to a plate. Our poor turkey got it's spine snapped in half. We laid it on the plate and it falls open for all to see it's insides. That wasn't a pretty sight so we somehow positioned it so it would stay closed.

I would cook a turkey again but I would invest in a real roasting pan. I used the throw away kind and that made it a little difficult to get the turkey out of the oven because you can't lift the pan out.

We had plenty of turkey that day. We had my turkey, Holly's turkey, and two turkey breasts. No one went hungry.

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