Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Action Shots of Macy

I know, more Macy pictures. She is the center of my world so why shouldn't I post everything I can about her?

I tried getting some better quality pictures, like ones I could hang on the wall, but she is way to active for one person to handle. I need at least two more people to help distract her. I did manage to catch a few good pictures for the "Macy's Daily Activities" album.

We both love her so much and enjoy spending so much one on one time with her.

Typical "I'm-happy-and-see-something-that-I-want" face

Cute giggle face

Another cute laughing face
She loves to pick the berries off the bush.

And tries to eat them.

She still loves sticks.

And loves to put them on this little shelf.

Along with her pile of wood chips.

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