Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aunt Stacie Comes to Visit

Macy loved having her Aunt Stacie come and visit. Well, loved her after the first day. Macy can be shy went she first meets someone. Of course Stacie quickly won Macy over by dancing around with her, laughing with her, and teaching her how to spit water out of her mouth. I also loved having my sister here to visit. It was fun having someone to watch reruns of Project Runway with while Macy napped. Stacie is also a good running partner. I hope someday I'll be able to live closer to my sisters so I can see them more often.

Here's a recap of our week.

Day 1: Visited Georgetown, got free ice cream at Ben & Jerry's, walked along the canal, and played at Francis Scott Key Park.

Day 2: Went to Macy's music class, played at the park. Went running at Teddy Roosevelt island.

Day 3: Went to the National Zoo.

Day 4: Visited the Torpedo Factory (an active art gallery), walked around Old Town Alexandria. Went running from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capital, walked back past the White House.

The Old Torpedo Factory

Cool cobblestone street

This is where Macy had her 7 month portraits done.

Our best attempt at getting all three of us.

Day 5: Embassy Tour of the World. Totally awesome. We toured 13 embassies.
Indonesian Embassy



Japanese Ambassador

Eating food from Ghana- it was kinda weird.
I think this wooden swing was from Pakistan. Macy loved it and didn't want to leave.

Day 6: Sunday, so we went to Church. Stacie was nice enough to take Macy so we could teach our class. She snapped a few shots of Macy lounging.

Day 7: Went to Arlington Cemetery to find a headstone for Ja's aunt. It was actually kind of fun hunting for one tombstone out of the 1000's.
Macy heard the bell tower chime and went down to "pray."

Day 8: Visited the National Cathedral.

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