Friday, May 27, 2011

Macy goes to California, Again!

Three days after Stacie left Macy and I flew to California to spend some time with my parents. She did pretty well on the plane (at least well enough that I don't have any real memories of the flight). It was late when we got in to Granny Dot's house but Macy saw all the toys and had to play with them right away. She knew exactly where to go and what to play with. She must have a better memory than I remember.

We stayed at Granny Dot's on Sunday too because my parents and Jill had meetings all day so we wouldn't see much of them anyways. I decided to take Macy into nursery because she was extremely tired from getting up at 4:57 a.m. Nursery would have been easier than walking the halls. I figured people didn't know how old she was anyways. I stayed in with her though because she was grouchy. She was having a lot of fun until the last 5 minutes of church. I think we hit her tired threshold.

Monday morning we visited Dale, the man I worked for in Pasadena. He had never seen Macy so I wanted to say hello. Macy liked their little dog, Sadie, and even found the dog food and fed Sadie little pieces of it.

Then it was off to Yorba Linda. Macy had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Seymour. Like last time, she takes a day or two to get comfortable with them. It took a little longer with Jill because somehow she would always manage to scare Macy by jumping or yelling. Macy explored the house and especially loved Aunt Jill's room with all the "stuff." Macy remember where all her favorite toys are here too, like my dad's record collection. We also started a new memory by putting water in bowls and tossing rocks into the bowls and pouring water out with measuring cups.
Eating toast with Nutella. Or should I say eating Nutella with toast?
Getting glammed up.

This pink bag was the absolute best find in Jill's room. Macy carried it around everywhere all week. I guess it was the perfect accessory for her.

We went to a few parks and to the library. On Thursday we met up with my friend Becca and her two boys Jackson and Sam. We had a great day at the park, Pinkberry, and a splash pad. It took awhile for Macy to want to go near the splash pad but she eventually thought it was fun as long as I was holding her. I really had a good time catching up with an old friend. Even if most of the time we were running in opposite directions after our kids.
I forgot her bathing suit so she is wearing Sam's. Doesn't she look like an old man?

If I'm within 30 miles of a Cafe Rio I have to go. So we went down to Newport, just Grandma and us. Macy loved, loved, loved their black beans and got them all over her face and arms.

Jill and I hung out, got lunch, went to the mall, and saw Water for Elephants. It was a good movie but made even better because I used my 2 movie tickets for $9 from Living Social. Jill being there helped too :)

My Grandma and Grandpa Seymour came to visit and took us out to dinner too.

The trip got better and better as Macy started sleeping in later and later. Her naps got longer too. We had a great week and it's always hard to leave.

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