Friday, September 2, 2011

Macy in the morning

I am so lucky to have a child like Macy. She is so easy going and happy. She will usually wake up around 8:15 but I don't go in to get her until around 9 a.m. She has a great time talking to herself, kicking the wall, and probably other stuff but that's all I can hear. Lately when I open the door she has already thrown her stuffed animals out of the crib or she does it after I come into the room. I finally decided to take a picture. We then play with Pooh, Piglet, and baby but throwing them in and out of the crib. She thinks it's hilarious.

 She also likes to go to bed with two binkies because she holds one and likes to put it in her ear like this. Or at night she taps the second on on her eye. That's how we know she's tired.

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Chelsey said...

haha. that is funny. Maybe she thinks that one in her ear is her cell phone?