Friday, September 30, 2011

Macy's Top 25

Because we couldn't pick just 10, or even 20.

For journaling sake, here are the cutest things Macy does as of September 2011. (In no particular order)

1. Her dad likes to make things appear from behind her ears. Whenever she is upset about something she points to her ear. For a while I thought she might have an ear infection but realized she is trying to make her binkie appear from behind her ear. Every night he asks her where her binkie is and she points to her ear.

2. She still LOVES her cousin Lily. When ever we talk about Lily she runs to and points at the front door. She knows Lily comes through that portal.

3. Speaking of Lily, when I get Macy up in the morning she automatically says Lily. She does this because I used to ask her what she dreamed about and I would ask if she dreamed about Lily. Now she gets straight to the point. She often says Daddy too. I bet she has good dreams.

4. More Lily- Every time Macy sees Lily for the first time she gets really excited and she runs up to Lily to say hi. Macy often doesn't say anything but her actions that speak louder than words. If Lily is coming to our house Macy can't contain her excitement and often wants to go into the hallway to watch Lily come off the elevator.

5. She points to her diaper when she says poo poo or pee pee.

6. She loves to watch "baby oooie" when she sees my phone. They are movies of her.

7. I put all the movies we made about her on a DVD and that's the first thing she asks for in the morning, "baby oooie, baby oooie!"

8. We've realized Macy likes to show off for people when they come over. She can get very wild! However, outside of our house she can be very shy.

9. Macy likes to help me empty the dishwasher by handing me the dishes one at a time. She also likes to throw the silverware in the silverware drawer. She is good at cleaning up messes too. When she sees me with a paper towel she has to have one too.

10. She still loves to color and will often dictate what color I'm allowed to use.

11. Her new love is Blues Clues. Macy wants to do what ever Blue is doing. One episode we had to put Macy on the toilet, brush her teeth, and get her dressed because that's what Blue was doing.

12. Macy loves to run. If we say, "Run Macy, Run!" She will run circles around the ottoman. She signs for more if we stop saying this.

13. We are trying to wean her from the binkie so she's only allowed to have it in bed. Sometimes during the day she wants to sit in her crib so she can have her binkie. After a few minutes she is ready to play again.

14. She loves her hair bows. If she ever hears the word bow she points to her head. If she sees someone or even a picture of someone with a bow, she points to her head and says bow.

15. Macy's smile face is puckering her lips.

16. She LOVES to play in the car- especially the front seat so she can drive us around. I don't mind because I get to sit and relax while she plays.

17. We have watched so many dog videos on Youtube. Macy gets so excited when she sees dogs from and distance and loves talking about dogs. She gets very scared though when she sees dogs in person up close.

18. Macy takes her coloring outside with sidewalk chalk and is very good at sharing with the neighborhood kids.

19. She actually sits still long enough to "read" books by herself. (30 seconds is long enough)

20. Like all children, Macy loves candy. I have to admit we've bribed her with candy to get her to eat dinner. We've had to find a new hiding spot for our sweets because she knew where our hiding spot was. She would walk up to the fridge, point up and ask for more (we kept it on top of the fridge).

21. Most of the time she is good about using her utensils. However she puts her food on her fork/spoon using her fingers then puts the fork/spoon in her mouth.

22. Macy loves to carry her purse out to the car with us. If we leave the house without it she stops and asks for her purse. She also likes to take her baby stroller.

23. If we are playing at home we are never allowed to lie down on the floor. She says "no,no,no" and grabs our hair to lift up our heads.

24. Jonathan has started to make a fort for her using the couch and blankets. She loves to crawl through the fort.

25. Macy loves nursery and especially loves all the action filled songs they sing. At home she loves to sing and do all the actions for songs. We've had to make up actions for some songs because she wouldn't sing them otherwise.
Do you like see food?

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Chelsey said...

That is such a great post! I think Ja has given Macy an ear complex for life (jk) maybe she will grow up to be a magician like her daddy. Truman and I want to come over when Ja builds one of those couch forts. I bet they're awesome!