Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Girl's Quilt

I wanted to make this little girl a quilt to have and hopefully enjoy while growing up. I bought a 5" charm pack (where each square is pre cut to 5") and that was the best idea I've ever had. The part I dislike about quilting is all the cutting so having someone else do the hard work was great. This also made the whole process very fast. I made the top of the quilt in one night.

I started in early June with the top but then took a break. Once I realized I would be at home for a week while Ja and Macy went to California I put off binding the quilt until that time. I just finished the whole thing today and I'm very happy with it.

Before I put on the backing.

The finished quilt.

I put the super soft pink minkie on the back. I love doing that on baby quilts, it makes them so soft and cuddly. This quilt is much brighter in color than Macy's baby quilt that had soft pink, green, blue, purple, yellow. As I was sewing this I felt like it was going fit Baby Girl's personality. I obviously don't know it yet, but as her mom I feel this connection with her already and I feel like she's going to be outgoing and effervescent. I could be totally wrong, but I like feeling as if I know our little girl already.

There are a few mistakes on the quilt but that makes it more special, right? Baby Girl will know I'm not perfect and it's ok not to be perfect. I hope she does feel the love I put into it and that I loved her before I even met her.

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