Monday, July 16, 2012

Macy & Friends

We have been very lucky in our ward to have so many friends for Macy to play with. We've been spoiled with the amount of young families. Another blessing is that we get to play with them often and Macy has made some really great friends. 

The friend she talks about the most is Halle. Halle is 5 years old, but the age difference doesn't matter in this friendship. Macy loves to follow her around and Halle is very nice to let Macy follow her every move. I'm happy to say Halle is well behaved and a good eater so she gets Macy to eat her food too.
They love to put many bows in their hair.

A BBQ we had with friends. Everyone wanted to sit by Hallie.

Eating lunch at the splash park.
Macy also has two other friends she's been hanging out with since she was only a few months old. This day she was playing with them, Grant and Hallie (not pictured), in the little pools. These three friends are starting to play together but mostly play alone still. It's been fun to see them all grow up together.

Sort of a newer friend is cute little Izzy. Macy very much enjoys playing at her house because Izzy has a lot of dolls and doll toys. Izzy and her mom are also our Cafe Rio buddies. We've met them for lunch a few times there recently and both times Macy and Izzy end up cleaning the place. The first time they cleaned tables and chairs with diaper wipes and the latest time they cleaned the windows. 
At Target. Macy wanted Izzy in the cart with her and Izzy made herself comfortable.

Her newest friend of all is Uncle Jeff. Macy has been afraid of him until about a month ago. It's very sad she starting liking him once they decided to move to Colorado! When we would get together she would always ask for "More Jeff!" She loved how he tickled and teased her. Here in the pool he was pretending to drink the water and then would say "YUCK!" Both Macy and Lily thought that was so hilarious and asked him to do it many times. 

Of course Macy still has her favorite friend to call on the phone- Papa. He is the only person she has ever called on the phone. Now in the middle of swimming she'll exclaim, "Papa ringing!" and run out of the pool to "answer" the phone call. She usually tells him hi and that she is swimming.

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