Saturday, July 7, 2012

Outer Banks 2012

The entire DeVore family was able to vacation in a single home in Nags Head again this year. We had a great time and Macy especially had a great time playing with all of her cousins. She didn't want to go to sleep at night because she was having too much fun! We were also having too much fun because I didn't take very many pictures. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Macy following Addie around every where and copying everything Addie did.She loves Addie now!

  • Aunt Kiki bought all three girls matching nightgowns and Macy didn't wear anything else all week (besides her bathing suit). If I was able to put something else on her she would see Addie or Lily wearing theirs and want to change.

  • Only having to make dinner once that week but ate wonderful dinners every night.
  • Watching Macy enjoy every minute she spent playing with cousins.
  • Watching Macy listen intently as Granny Dot read her many books.

  • The drive to NC and back was amazing. Macy did so well in the car and took good naps too.

  • Leaving our super hot apartment that had no A/C for the beach! 
  • Macy actually enjoying the ocean and letting her feet get wet by the waves (sometimes). The water was so warm!
  • Spoiling Macy with chips, candy, juice, and staying up late. It's vacation right?!
  • Macy loved the pool because her cousins were there, she is now a good little swimmer and isn't afraid of the water anymore!
  • Of course, the annual DeVore family photo session! We thought Macy was uncooperatvie last year, but she was worse this year. She cried most of the time and wouldn't let me put her down. However, the photographers were able to catch a few good candid shots. Here are some of my favorites (I know there's still a lot):
  • Macy would not put her feet in the sand!
    Granny Dot can get anyone to smile.
The five "babies." I love Macy's face, I think it pretty much sums up how she felt about the photo session.
All the cousins. As you can tell, it was the end of the night and the kids were done! Great for memories though. They will all love this picture when they're older!

The original DeVore family.
The best of our little family.

Macy and Lily love to give hugs and kisses.

The models in our family.

The pregnancy pictures.

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Amy said...

oh wow, the ones of macy and lily are adorable!! Great family pics - looks like a great place to vacation! Lucky You! :)