Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Wrap Up

We played one afternoon with Grant. He and Macy played with the hose and had fun telling us moms to pump some water balloons for them. I love this sequence of pictures. Macy is starting to lean into Grant and he is trying to lean as far away from her as possible. The restraints of the chair enables Macy to eventually get her head on Grant's shoulder. Grant was nice enough to not push her off.

Macy and Anna got new dresses from my mom. Macy LOVED her new dress and wore it to bed that night. It makes a great dancing dress because it flares out a lot when she spins. We danced for a while that night in her new dress. Even Anna was happy because she didn't scream in protest when Macy picked her up and walked in circles with her.

Anna continues to be a happy girl!

I made this chocolate turtle cake for Heather's birthday. I was impressed with it and it also tasted delicious.

Macy took this picture of Ja and it's one of the best ones we have of him! It's a genuine smile and he's not doing some weird pose. So handsome. Good work Macy!

I ventured out by myself and took the kids to the new spray fountain at the Georgetown waterfront. It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time. Macy even ran under the arcs of water. She had her goggles on which helped the water not get in her eyes. I loved watching her face after she made it through. I could tell she was proud of herself.

Anna tried really hard to climb up this ledge.

Macy loves to water the plants.

Anna would crawl through the space in between the planters, sit up, then crawl through again.

The next week I ventured on my own again in a last minute decision to go to Sandy Point State beach in Maryland. It was another great day at the beach. It was warm but not too hot so we could actually walk on the sand without burning our feet. This was a great thing because Macy liked playing "catch" with the beach ball. She would kick it then chase after it and kick it again. I would have to make an attempt to run after it too.

Macy was also a fan of digging in the sand and "swimming" (aka me pulling her around in the water while she wears her green monster floatie).

Anna was also a fan of playing in the sand. I'm sure she eats so much of it every time we go.

I love these girls so much! They are great beach buddies.

Macy requested that I take their picture while they both had cups.

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