Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today was a good day

I have to write what a good day we had. We didn't do anything exciting or go on an outing but it was still a good day. 

I took both the girls grocery shopping which is something I don't normally do. Macy and I typically go during Anna's nap but I was up for the challenge. Our Safeway has shopping carts with cars attached to the front the kids can sit in. It's like I'm pushing a train. Macy wanted Anna in the car with her rather than the cart so I obliged thinking it wouldn't last long anyways. Macy told me she would put her arm around Anna so Anna wouldn't fall out. It was the sweetest thing watching Macy protect her little sister. I also noticed that Macy would hold her arm out in front of Anna if we bumped or went down the curb ramp. I was so sad I had left my phone at home so I couldn't take a picture. They both lasted the whole trip!

Anna wanted to hold something during her ride so I handed her a bell pepper. She was thrilled and threw a fit when I had to take it away to pay for it. She loved gnawing on the stem (still no teeth).

Before the grocery store Macy was watching Napoleon Dynamite and told me she wanted steak for lunch like in Napoleon. I didn't have any so she reminded me quite often at the store to buy some. I picked up a little steak for her and Ja was kind enough to cook it for her. 

She finished watching Napoleon while eating her steak. 

After lunch I put Anna down for a nap. Macy helped me clean up the living room then we headed downstairs to the playground. Two days ago she went down the tube slide all by herself and without me catching her. This may not be a big deal for most 3 1/2 year olds but it's a big deal for Macy. She's been afraid of doing it so I'm so proud of her for being brave and conquering a fear. Now she loves going down head first! 

We've played at the playground a lot in the past few days because Macy loves going down the tube slide. After doing that for awhile she wanted to go to another park. 

We walked over to the elementary school next door. On our way to the playground we walked through the field and came across little flowers. 
Of course Macy had to pick them! It was a beautiful day (not too hot or humid) so I sat in the field and watched. I made a crown of the flowers like my friends and I would in elementary school. Macy didn't want to wear it but she wanted to add flowers to it on my head. 

We then walked home and Macy picked more flowers and told me she wanted to put her flowers in water for our table. 

I love walking places with Macy because she will always hold my hand. I love feeling her soft little hand in mine. 

Anna was still asleep so Macy helped me make enchiladas for dinner. We were having the missionaries over. Anna was still asleep so we made blueberry muffins too. I realized Macy only likes to "help" with things because she loves to eat the sugar, flour, batter, etc. We wore aprons and everything. 

 Anna woke up so it was time to vacuum. I started at the back of the condo and when I came into the living room I had to laugh. Macy spotted the vacuum and darted off in the opposite direction. Anna saw it, got a big smile, and came crawling towards it. They already have opposite personalities. 

The girls and I played dress up and restaurant until it was time for me to finish dinner. They were great and even helped clean up. Well, not Anna but Macy did. 

The missionaries came to eat and shared a message which is always nice. 

We finished off the night with Macy and Anna climbing in the cabinet and then taking baths. 

Both girls went to sleep easily too! Bedtime has been great since we figured out Anna only needs one nap a day now. For a couple weeks we were having a rough time getting them to sleep. Knock on wood. 

Like I said, nothing too exciting but I had fun and it was a happy stress free day with my girls!

This is what happened yesterday while I was preparing dinner. A little stressful but luckily it washed right off. 

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