Saturday, July 20, 2013

Macy's New Pet

 Totally out of the blue Macy requested a puppy. She doesn't even like dogs! It's a big deal if she pets one so it was a weird request. I tried explaining to her that puppies are very expensive so we can go to the pet store to price it all out and then we can save up that money. So notepad and pen in hand Macy walked into the pet store. We wrote down prices for leashes, collars, food, a bed, then picked a puppy. 

There was an adorable Shih-poo. That's a cross between a Shih-Tzu and poodle. It was the cutest little white fuzz ball and Anna was so excited to grab it and pull it's hair. Yes, it has hair not fur which means it doesn't shed. Macy wouldn't touch it at first and tried to climb as far away as she could. Silly girl! Dogs are great in theory I guess.

Ja and Macy were begging me to buy this somewhat irresistible dog. I said somewhat because we didn't buy it. Ja said if it weren't for me he would have purchased it. I'm so glad I was there! I'm not ready for a puppy! I don't want to be training a puppy and have Anna. That's too many babies for me to worry about right now!

So we settled on buying Macy a beta fish. We were pet sitting for our friends hermit crabs and Macy was very helpful in feeding them, giving them water, and cleaning the cage. I figured she proved she can be responsible. 

Macy picked out her favorite blue beta and chose and pink seahorse to go inside. Once we got home she named it Dory. "From Finding Nemo" she tells people. 

She was pretty good about feeding it for a few days and now she tells me I can do it myself. So the stereotypical thing happened where the mom takes care of the pets is happening in our home too. Macy does still enjoy having it around and showing it to everyone who comes over.

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