Friday, January 31, 2014

California Trip- Part 5

Jan 21- We went to the beach with Stacie and Volcom. It was much cooler today- what you'd expect at the beach in January. I had the girls coats in the car so they were fine. Although Macy didn't wear it and didn't seem to mind the cold. 

We quite accidentally fed the seagulls and they immediately surrounded us. It was a very familiar scene... This is Macy chasing after them yelling, "Shoot! Shoot bird!" It got them to leave us alone :)

This is Anna fulfilling my prophecy of her standing in front of Volcom saying baby, baby over and over. I also said she would try to poke his eye which is happening in this picture.

running from the waves
 We took the ferry over to Balboa island. Macy's face is showing her disappointment because I think she was expecting a fairy.

Again Anna sat in one spot and shoveled sand.

Macy had so much fun with Stacie. She is a very fun aunt after all!

I'm not sure what Anna had in her mouth... hopefully food.

Jan 22- We went to the happiest place on earth today- Disneyland! For Macy the day was about seeing her favorite characters and princesses. The rides are a bonus. Two seconds after being in the park Macy saw Mickey and we waited for a picture.

There seemed to be a lot people at Disneyland so we were bummed. There seemed to be no good time to go! However, as the day went on we realized the lines weren't long. They were only 5-10 minute waits! Even Indiana Jones was 15 minutes! You know that's a good day! For some reason people like to go to Disneyland to walk around and make it look crowded.

Mary Poppins and Bert! I think they were there because of the movie Saving Mr. Banks. Macy liked her a lot and Bert told Anna not to eat her thumb off otherwise she'll have hands like the penguin (no fingers).

Macy and I rode the teacup ride since it makes Ja sick. He went to find the Frozen characters since that was Macy's one wish.

It was a two hour wait for the Frozen girls so Ja very kindly stood in line while I took the girls on:


The carousel 

The Casey Junior train. I don't think I'd ever been on this!

Macy was also thrilled to see Olaf the snowman on the roof. He would periodically say funny things and she wanted to stand the whole two hours and listen to him. I was able to talk her out of it though.

We were thrilled to see both Queen Elsa and Princess Anna! It was a dream come true for Macy. Ja hadn't seen the movie yet so he didn't know how great it was to see them. 

After lunch I walked Anna out to Downtown Disney so my dad could take her home for the rest of the day. That's the great thing about living so close to Disneyland! She was exhausted and feel asleep in the stroller on the walk over. 

Granny Dot gave Macy some spending money and she bought this great hat. She was very proud of it and wore it the rest of the day and night!

trying to pull the sword out of the stone

still has the guns in Frontierland

We had a great day at Disneyland! I love that place so much but sadly we might be done with it for a while. It's crazy expensive to get in! $92 for one day at one park! Ouch! How can people afford it?!

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