Friday, January 31, 2014

California Trip- Part 3

Jan 12- We went to church in La Canada. The girls did really well. Ja had to take Anna out of sacrament because there are no babies in their ward so any peep she made was really loud. I took Macy into Primary and they had sharing time first. There were already two girls her age sitting in her row so she felt at peace and let me leave her there. They practiced the song "He Sent His Son" and she told me that our primary in Beegina (aka Virginia) should sing it too. Anna allowed me to stay through all of Sunday School (Dorothy gave a great lesson) AND all through Relief Society. I sat in front and she was happy walking around. The way the class was set up it wasn't disruptive. We had dinner with Nathan and Kiersten and boys at Dorothy's that night. It was so great having cousins that played with Macy and Anna tagged along. Henry and Macy got married :)

Jan 13- We drove to YL to spend the rest of the week there. (We went back and forth so much we never fully unpacked.) While Ja worked my dad and I took the girls to Tri City Park. We brought bread to feed the ducks which quickly surrounded us. This scared Macy a little, and me too quite frankly. The girls read books out in the backyard too.
I love, love, love this smile

Anna's hair got really static-y from the slide

Jan 14- We went to the beach! In January! And the weather was perfect! How spoiled were we?! It's great having a dad who is retired and can do all the fun things with us! The girls loved having him there- especially Macy because he made her sand castles. When I asked what her favorite thing of the day was she said, "Smashing sand castles." We dug holes, built sand castles, climbed on the rock jetty, threw a beach ball in the water and chased it, and had a wonderful time. 

Anna wasn't too keen walking on the sand so she sat in this one spot for a long time shoveling sand into her pail. It was easy to keep track of her!

We had four chairs but the girls liked sharing! They are so adorable! And very well behaved that day.

Jan 15- I was looking for a morning activity for the girls and we settled on Chuck e Cheese. Again, retired Papa could join in on the fun!

I love this picture of Macy. Her smile is so genuine and happy! She loves Chuck E Cheese's!

When we weren't having fun going somewhere we were having fun at home. We took walks around the block, played in the backyard, and Macy ran through sprinklers. 

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