Friday, January 31, 2014

California Trip- Part 6 (Finally the end!)

Jan 23- We hung out at my parents house. Macy and Anna played with dolls. Anna found Volcom's pajamas and was able to communicate to me that she wanted her doll to wear them. Then Macy wanted her doll to wear a shirt. My mom bought these dolls for the girls a couple days ago and they were instantly loved.

Anna the pirate
 Macy helped my dad move a long board to the side yard and helped him paint it white.

I think this is the girls eating breakfast. My mom has a bench at her table and they both loved sitting at it. 

We washed Granny Dot's car again. After driving to Fresno, a couple of beach trips, Disneyland, and frankly everyday food messes, it needed a good scrubbing. My dad thought it was hilarious Macy wore her Minnie hat while washing the car.

Kenny and Elle got back from their honeymoon today so we had a fun time catching up with them.

Jan 24- Tonight was Kenny and Elle's open house at the Youngberg's house. Before that we decided to go to Downtown Disney to eat beignets. They are delicious and surprisingly better than I remembered! We left during Anna's nap so the three of us got to walk around and eat while she stayed with Grandma. Macy really wanted Stacie to come in our car so Kenny and Elle took Volcom with them. It was cute to see them walking up to us with a baby stroller :)

The open house was a lot of fun and again we were able to see more ward members and family members. This was beneficial because we were leaving the next day back to Virginia. What a fun night to leave on! Unfortunately I have no pictures of the open house :( Just know that it was decorated beautifully with purple flowers and a chocolate fountain. Actually, I found one picture. It doesn't show the decorations but it's a cute one of Anna with Great Grandpa Seymour.

We left the open house around 9 to drive up to La Canada since Dorothy was taking us to LAX the next morning. We had to leave at 6 a.m. so it was going to be an early start. To make matters worse Anna was up for 2 hours in the night! I thought I would at least get 6 hours of sleep but instead got 4! Crazy little girl!

January 25- We packed the car the night before so we could wake up the girls and put them directly in the car. We drove to the airport, paid for our bag, made it through security, and walked to our gate in one hour! That's some sort of record!

The girls did great on the plane, taking into consideration they got woken up early, Anna only slept 5 hours the night before, and got no nap. Macy was wonderful and watched movies most of the time. We did have to walk Anna up and down the aisles a few times because she was antsy but it wasn't as bad as Macy used to be on the plane. The flight actually seemed to be short. I thought it would be the longest flight of my life.

As soon as we got into Trevor's van I started feeling sick. I had the chills and headache. What a great welcome home present. 

Anna was so exhausted she feel asleep on Ja's lap while I was reading books to Macy. Since the girls were so tired they went to sleep at normal bed time! There was no trouble getting used to the time change. Wonderful!

Now it's back to real life in a cold winter climate. Good-bye sun! Good-bye California!

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