Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Macy's 4 year-old Check-up

We went to the doctor yesterday for Macy's 4 year-old check up with Dr. Jasani. The doctor was very friendly and tried very hard to get Macy to speak to her but Macy would not open up. Anna was talkative and smiled a lot however. Macy did everything the doctor asked and was very compliant when asked to jump on one foot, walk on a pretend balance beam, open her mouth wide, etc. Having to get the flu shot was not very fun for anyone! Macy screamed and did not want it so the nurse and I had to hold her down.

Macy weighs 31 1/4 pounds- 16th percentile
41 1/2 inches tall- 81st percentile

She's our skinny and tall girl! The cutest part of the visit was when the nurse had Macy doing the vision test. Instead of letters on the chart there were shapes. The nurse started at the top which was a big sailboat. Macy was able to name all the shapes and when the nurse got down to the last two lines which are pretty small Macy said "little heart, little star, little circle." I thought that was so adorable! She was right, they are very little!

This is what happens when the kitchen aid gets turned on high speed when it's full of flour. A big mess!

Macy wanted me to make her glasses with our pipe cleaners. 

Yesterday we were driving home from preschool and out-of-the-blue Macy said, "Mom, I want to be a mommy when I grow up." I asked her what mommy's do and she replied, "I don't know!" We talked about all the many things mom do. Then I asked if they talked about that at preschool and she said no. I asked where she got this idea and she said, "I just made it up!" You're so sweet Macy! I hope you always want to be a mommy!

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