Thursday, February 13, 2014

When you gonna get ready?

"When you gonna get ready? And take a shower?"

That's what Macy said to me today. It snowed a foot last night so all schools and classes were cancelled today. Macy was supposed to have a valentines party at school and start a soccer class today. I was really bummed they were cancelled. We weren't going anywhere so I didn't feel the need to get dressed. I've been showering at night lately so I didn't this morning. I love that she was observant enough to realize I was still in pajammies (as Macy sometimes calls them). 

We hung out at home all day today. Ja took Macy out to play in the snow for awhile which was an awesome break for me. 

Macy changed her clothes at least five times. Pretty much any time Macy is at home she's wearing a princess dress or a ballet outfit. And she has quite a few dresses to change into. Today I found a discarded dress in every room and bathroom. 

Today Macy said something that hit me hard. She wanted to play with me so I did. She would notice if I would sneak a peek at my phone or clean a dish or put something away. She asked me a few times, "mommy can you not be busy?" I need to be better at one on one time with her. No distractions. 

On a better note Macy also said, "stop kissing me mom." She was being so cute today I couldn't stop kissing her cute face but apparently I over did it. 

Anna continues to be the cutest little love bug. If I'm ever sitting on the floor she plops herself onto my lap. She has started to reply "yeah" to some of our questions (and statements). The best was her pointing out the window saying "wow" to all the snow. She did it everytime she noticed the snow. I love her voice and can't wait to hear more if it. 

Last week she wanted me to open nail polish for her. I obviously didn't want her painting the house so I pretended like I couldn't open the bottle while scrunching up my face and grunting. Now she copies that act whenever she wants something open. The scrunched up face with a grunt is her communicating she wants it open. She is so smart. 

I sure love my girls! I can't wait to give them more hugs and kisses tomorrow morning. 

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