Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Socks in toilets

Today I picked Macy up from preschool and I noticed she was wearing her extra set of clothes they keep at school in case of accidents. She did this last week too which is very odd. 

I asked her if she had an accident and she shyly smiled. I didn't press any further because she seemed embarrassed. 

When we got home I checked her soiled clothes to assess the damage. They were completely dry! I asked her again if she had an accident and she wouldn't answer me. I asked why she changed her clothes but again no answer. She just smiled and laughed but no answer. 

I noticed there was only one sock in the bag. I said, "Theres only one sock Macy. Where's the other one?"

"I flushed it down the toliet!"

This was such an honest response we cracked up! I'm pretty sure she's telling the truth because 1) it's such a random answer and 2) she responded very quickly. When I asked her how it happened she says, "I don't know." She won't tell me if she accidentally dropped it in or what. She did assure me she wiped with toliet paper and not her sock. 

Hopefully tomorrow I can get more information out of her. 

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