Wednesday, July 29, 2015

June 2015

June 1- I love these two! I love how Anna and Macy still love holding Owen. 
June 2- Macy had a fun time pushing Owen around in the doll stroller and he loved it too. It was grand fun until Anna pushed Owen around and took a corner too sharp and Owen tipped over onto the ground. 
June 3- the girls helped me make yummy sugar cookies for the girls party I blogged about earlier. 
June 4- we went to a park and it was actually cold. I didn't have a jacket for Owen so he wore Anna's purple princess jacket. 

June 5- I love capturing moments like this. Anna was pretending to be a baby so she climbed in the swing. 

This is our daily life right here. Macy and Anna are wrestling which most likely ended in someone crying. Owen was being pushed around in the stroller but got abandoned. He's as happy as he can be with his "broken leg" as Macy says. (It's because he puts it straight out as if in a cast.)

Friday night swimming with the Campbells. 
We made s'mores on the grill to enjoy along with our pizza, watermelon, and salad. 

June 6- Macy and Anna are often heard saying, "can I hold Owen?" Macy likes to carry him while standing up too. 

June 8- the girls had their first sleepover! We watched the Campbell kids while their parents went out for their anniversary. They were quick to dress up Colton. 
We decided this would also be the first night Anna slept in a big girl bed. We figured she would want to sleep with the big girls anyways. She took a long time to fall asleep (which kept everyone else up) and fell out twice during the night. But she now sleeps in a toddler bed! Thank goodness for bed rails!

Ja made pancakes for everyone in the morning. 

June 9- Owen sucking his thumb is the cutest thing. 

June 10- the girls like to get Owen up from his nap. 

June 12- swimming with the Campbells again. We kind of made it a tradition to swim together Friday nights. We get pizza and swim. 

June 15- Anna was helpful and fed Owen a bottle. At least part of one. 

June 16- our ward is awesome and the RS has a boating night. I went last year but didn't bring a bathing suit because I thought it was more of a leisurely boat ride around the lake. I was wrong! I made sure to bring a suit this year. We had a boat and a jet ski. The water and weather was perfect! The silhouette picture is me on the left, Kristen D., and Chelsie Campbell. 
Me and Chelsie on the jet ski. 

June 17- Owen is adorable all the time but especially in the bath when eating his toes. 

June 18- Macy went to a camp called Safety Town that the police department puts on. The set up the elementary school gym like a town and the kids get to ride trikes around and learn about bike safety. They also learned about school bus safety, gun safety, and other things. 
There was supposed to be a graduation the last day but the schools AC broke and it was too hot so it was canceled. 

June 21- Father's Day! Ja wanted to go on a hike in Latta for Father's Day. This picture is a good representation of his Amazing fathering abilities. 

June 27- we drove up to Virginia for the weekend because Trevor and Heather adopted Z. Ja and I saw her be sealed in the temple and then Saturday night was a super fun dance party. The girls were exhausted after! I don't get many pictures of them sleeping so I had to snap a couple. 

June 28- Owen was so happy when I got him up in the morning. I love waking up to this sweet boy!

June 29- Owen eats his feet more often now. Kids are so flexible!

We've enjoyed swimming in our pool this summer. Although having 3 kids isn't easy the girls do well. Anna keeps her green monster floatie on and Macy can swim on her own. I usually sit with Owen on the steps while the girls do their own thing. 

Today I tried the baby floatie and Owen liked it. However the girls fought over who was going to pull him around. This wouldn't be a huge deal if Owen were a little bigger. When he sits forward the water level is up to his chin and he could potentially drown. The problem is expounded when they hold on to him and pull the float down further into the water. Even with all of this, we still have a great time in the pool!

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